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Welcome to my small capsule in the gemini space!

Stuff I wrote

My gemlog contains posts I don't want to be accessible on my web blog. There are usually less technical and/or more focus on the gemini space.
My gemlog posts

My tinylog contains very small thoughts or idea that are clearly not worth having in a specific entry and that can be erased in time.
My tinylog

My tinylog follow the Tinylog RFC¹ and can be read via gtl² or directly on the tinylog aggregator page³.

My webblog converted in gemini format. It might be buggy as I just convert the html of my blog to gemini format and don't check much. In case of issue, please check the web version.
My blog via gemini
My blog on the web

Gemini related project


I'm a big fan of Tinylogs, so I've been working on a RFC for it:
[1]: Tinylog RFC (Web link)

I also created gtl (Gemini TinyLog), a CLI/TUI tool to read many tinylogs in one place:
[2]: gtl code (Web link)

As an easy way to enjoy author tinylogs without having to install any tool, I created an aggregator capsule refreshed every 15min. The content of this capsule is also managed via gtl.
[3]: Tinylog aggregator capsule

Gemini mention

I've written a proposal for standardization of "Gemini mention", a way to simply alert another capsule author that you wrote a response to their post.

It means if you want to send me a gemini mention, you can go to the following page:
Notify me of a gemini mention!
Read the RFC and see example of how it works (HTTPS)
GGM (GoGeminiMention) is a simple implementation in golang (HTTPS)


A simple {gem,rss,atom}feed aggregator of French capsules. Like a "French planet" from the old blogosphere:


A simple capsule that list 5 new capsules everyday:
DiscoGem, discover new capsules every day


An "Is it down for everyone or just me" type of capsule, where you can enter a gemini url to see if it's not working just for you or if the capsule has an issue:
Houston, (do) we have a problem?

Where to find me?

- Via email: bac ⋅at⋅ rdi55 ⋅dot⋅ pl (gpg --locate-key email@domain.tld)
GPG key: B27C 53D0 E72D 26C0 (HTTPS)
- On Mastodon:
Mastodon account on my small dedicated instance (HTTPS)
Mastodon account on framapiaf (backup) (HTTPS)
- On IRC: bacardi55 on libera, oftc, tilde or recycled

Disclaimer: I am French and not a native English speaker, I apologize for all the grammar mistakes, misspelling and other errors :-).

Gemini Mention